Lycoris Recoil

【Lycoris Recoil】Chisato Nishikigi profile and Abilities

In this article, I will introduce "Chisato Nishikigi" that appeared in "Lycoris Recoil".

We will summarize Chisato Nishikigi's profile, abilities, and cute charms.


Profile of Chisato Nishikigi

A girl who always smiles and enjoys today more than tomorrow.

While being popular as the self-proclaimed signboard girl of the café "Ricorico", she is actually one of the DA (Direct Attack) best first liquorice known as "the strongest in history".

He likes movies, and he seems to especially like foreign movies, and you can see that from the many DVDs placed on the living room table in episodes 2 and 8.

In episode 8, even though they were enemies, they had a lively conversation about movies with Majima, who also likes Western movies.

Lively and free-spirited, he has a bright personality that makes it easy to understand his emotions.

has the energy to involve the people around him and have fun, on the other hand, he has also shown an act of flinching and going backwards in response to an approach that he did not expect, so he is strong in pushing but weak in pushing.

She is considerate of others' feelings and has a kindness that allows her to stand by her side.


Ability of Chisato Nishikigi

Possessing the ability to live up to the name of the strongest in history, he can accurately read the enemy's aim and line of fire to avoid it, or defeat several enemies alone and neutralize them.

Especially when it comes to evasion, not even a single strafing shot from an assault rifle fired from close range hits.

It is an advanced skill that consists of extremely good reflexes and the insight to read the opponent's firing timing, and Commander Kusunoki also endorses it, saying, "It is difficult to hit when shooting from close range.

In shooting, he frequently uses the C.A.R. system, which is a technique for close combat, and interweaves fighting as appropriate.

Using the previously mentioned evasive ability to cut through the barrage, shoot a non-lethal special bullet from close range to suppress it, and if necessary use restraints to neutralize it.

In this way, he has very good dynamic vision ("observation" according to director Shingo Adachi), and can predict the next action by looking at the movement of the opponent's clothes and muscles.

In addition to extraordinary avoidance, that ability is often used in everyday life, such as winning all 21 rock-paper-scissors with Takina at the beginning of episode 6 (1 in 2187 probability).


Weapons of Chisato Nishikigi

・Detonics Combat Master

Main weapon equipped in the bag.

A miniaturized and improved version of the M1911 for concealment purposes. The number of bullets is 6 + 1.

Chisato's gun has a strike face attached to the muzzle so that it will not malfunction even if the muzzle touches the target.


・non-lethal bullet

A non-lethal, close-range rubber bullet that Chisato usually uses.

It is a handmade bullet made by Mika, and although it has the power to penetrate the body of a car, it is not enough to take a life.

Instead, those who are shot will experience more painful pain than death.


Beliefs of Chisato Nishikigi

His motto is "Take care of life," and he adheres to a thorough non-killing principle and a respect for human beings, which is unconventional among Lycoris, where murder is permitted and human life tends to be taken lightly.

Even if it is an enemy, it will use non-lethal rubber bullets to neutralize it, and depending on the condition of the wound, it will also give first aid, and when it restrains the enemy at a personal request, it will be a "Cleaner" instead of the DA to which it belongs.

We have asked a private organization to protect the detained enemy and cover up the incident.

In addition, the reason why she is so particular about not killing is because, according to Takina in episode 4, "It doesn't feel good to steal other people's time."

When Yoshimatsu saved his life and aspired to become a 'savior' who uses guns to protect people, it goes without saying that he would be uncomfortable, but that 'savior = saving people' (regardless of friend or foe).

It seems that it is because they regard it as an existence that does not steal the time to live.


Chisato Nishikigi's past

It turns out that he has been fighting since he was 7 years old.

However, since he was born with a weak heart, he suffered from a disease, and in order to survive, he became a "machine heart".

In the middle of the story, his heart can't recharge, so he fights with Chiaki Takina to save him.