Kimetsu no Yaiba

【Kimetsu no Yaiba】Tanjiro Kamado profile and strength

In this article, we will introduce "Tanjiro Kamado" that appeared in "Kimetsu no Yaiba".

We will introduce Tanjiro Kamado's profile, strengths, techniques, and marriage partner.



As the eldest son, he has a strong sense of responsibility, is very kind-hearted, and is serious and lively.

Ever since he was a charcoal maker, he has been trusted and loved by the townspeople of the foot of the mountain.

Even after becoming a demon hunting swordsman, his kindness hasn't changed, and when he finds out that Zenitsu Agatsuma, whom he just met, is hungry, he presents his only rice ball and gives it to Inosuke Hashibira, who provokes him at Fuji's house.

He is also polite to his teacher Urokodaki Sakonji.

He respects that the cannibal demon was originally a human, and wields a sword, but does not take life lightly, and treats the regret and sorrow of death with mercy, and treats the demon as "I'm not an ugly monster, a demon.

He is a vain creature, a sad creature.

This can be seen from the fact that demons are counted as ``persons'' instead of ``humans''.

Because he is too considerate, he lacks decisiveness, which was pointed out by Urokodaki from the beginning, and Tanjiro himself is aware of it.


strength and ability

Her sense of smell is unusually sharp by nature, and she can distinguish the scents of living things and plants with her sharp sense of smell, find lost people, and perceive the approach and presence of demons.

After two years of training under Sakonjiro Urokodaki, the "cultivator", he has been further refined, and has become able to smell the deadly closeness in battle as a "thread of opening".

Originally, he lived as a charcoal burner on the mountaintop where the air was thin, and he was a boy with relatively high physical ability for an ordinary person.

Acquired (remarkably enhanced cardiopulmonary function in later functional recovery training, mastered total concentration breathing and normal breathing).

He has a keen eye for observation during battle and is quick-witted.

In addition, if it is a mild bone fracture, you can lead a daily life from the day, and a few days later you can (or rather, have to) hunt demons.

Tanjiro's body is no longer suitable for his age, and his hands are thick and full of scars, and are hardened to such an extent that it's hard to believe they're boys' hands.

Nonetheless, demon slayers are human after all, and their wounds heal slowly against almost immortal demons, and if they lose their limbs, they will not return, so Tanjiro always searches for enemies with his sense of smell and is cautious. face the demon.

Tanjiro learned "breathing water" from Urokodaki, the former water column.

As the name suggests, this school responds to ever-changing war situations like water, so theoretically there is no enemy that cannot be dealt with.


water breathing skill

・First Form: Water Surface Slash

・Second Form: Water Wheel

・Third Form: Flowing Dance

・Fourth Form: Striking Tide

・Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought

・Sixth Form: Whirlpool

・Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust

・Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin

・Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent

・Tenth Form: Constant Flux


sun breathing technique


・Clear Blue Sky

・Raging Sun

・Burning Bones, Summer Sun

・Setting Sun Transformation

・Solar Heat Haze

・Beneficent Radiance

・Sunflower Thrust

・Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance

・Fire Wheel

・Fake Rainbow

・Flame Dance

・Thirteenth Form


demon are vulnerable to sunlight, so "breathing of the sun" has a tremendous effect.


final battle

At Mugen Castle, he fights with Tomioka against the first quarter Ginseng and Aquarius.

Despite being outnumbered by Aquarius, who boasts overwhelming strength, he masters the "transparent world" in the middle of the battle and narrowly wins.

In the fight against Muzan, he himself said that the Demon Slayer Corps was a "gathering of abnormal people", and that the people who were killed were "think of them as having suffered a great disaster".

You are a creature that shouldn't exist," he said, fighting with his peers and the pillars, but he lost his right eye and left arm due to a brutal onslaught.

However, through a dream, he learned the truth about Hinokami Kagura, and after a desperate battle, he succeeded in subjugating him.

He was turned into the "King of Demons" by the last power of misery, and even though he bared his fangs to his friends, he returned to humans due to Nezuko's desperate call and Kanao's "demon to turn demons into humans".

After the war, after interacting with the people involved and visiting the graves of the soldiers who died in the war, he returned to his parents' home with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko.

Although his right eye and left arm were regenerated when he became the king of demons, his senses did not return and he suffered from aftereffects.

After peace came, he married "kanao tsuyuri", and his descendants appeared in the final episode.