Lycoris Recoil

【Lycoris Recoil】Takina Inoue profile and Abilities

In this article, we will introduce the profile, abilities, and cute charm of "Takina Inoue" who appeared in "Lycoris Recoil".

Takina Inoue is a popular character among Japanese anime fans.


Profile of Takina Inoue

A licorice who works at the café "Ricoriko".

Originally belonged to the headquarters of the national defense assassination organization "DA (Direct Attack)", but due to a problem during the mission, he was transferred to the cafe "Ricorico", where he formed a buddy with chisato Nishikigi.

Prior to partnering with Fuki Harukawa at the DA headquarters, she belonged to the DA Kyoto branch.

A girl with straight, unadorned long black hair and a well-proportioned face that exudes a strong will.

When she wears the Licorice uniform, her long hair remains simple, but when she wears the Licorice cafe uniform, she helps her tie it up into twin tails.

When he first came to the cafe "Ricoriko", he was indifferent to plain clothes, and he was confused by actions such as showing up in a jersey when shopping with chisato and wearing men's underwear without any doubts ( Episode 4).

He seems to be deeply grateful to chisato for giving him a place to belong, and his top priority is to protect her.

He seems to be deeply grateful to chisato for giving him a place to belong, and his top priority is to protect her.

Sometimes that single-minded thought goes to waste.


Takina Inoue's ability

The shooting accuracy of the pistol is high, and it is in the realm of acrobatics, such as shooting through the vital points of the human body such as the head and chest in rapid succession, or shooting from the top of a bouncing car to hit a drone flying in the air.

It has excellent vision and judgment, and can respond quickly to surprise attacks, sometimes coming up with devious plans to break the stalemate.

Since teaming up with chisato, she seems to be following her policy, avoiding shooting at parts that would kill her instantly, but since she doesn't have a special handicap, it can be seen that she is also generally highly capable.

Cafe Rico Rico is in trouble, and Takina is rebuilding it with her smart brain.


Takina Inoue's weapon

・S&W M&P9

9mm specification of the polymer frame pistol series developed for use in the military and police agencies.

The number of bullets is 17 + 1 shots.

Used the Osprey9 silencer during the attack in Episode 1.



Soviet-made general-purpose machine gun with 7.62×54mm R bullets.

At the beginning of the first episode, he picked up the enemy's thing without hesitation and shot it down, even though he was being held hostage.

As a result, although the hostage was saved, he was unable to obtain information on the gun trade, and was relegated to the café "Ricoriko".


Relationship between Takina Inoue and Chisato Nishikigi

In the middle of the story, Takina opens up to chisato, and since then they have become like best friends.

Chisato has a free-spirited personality, so Takina says, "Please answer the phone within three calls from me."

In the middle of the story, it turns out that "chisato's life expectancy is short", so takina decides to fight to save chisato.

"Chisato and takina's Love Pattern" is popular among Japanese anime fans.