Lycoris Recoil

【Lycoris Recoil】Mizuki Nakahara profile and Abilities

In this article, we will introduce "Mizuki Nakahara" who appeared in "Lycoris Recoil".

We will summarize Mizuki Nakahara's profile, abilities, and thoughts on men.


Profile of Mizuki Nakahara

A disappointing 27-year-old sister who works at the cafe "Ricoriko" and is in a hurry to get married.

His trademark is red-rimmed half-rimmed glasses.

Former information staff member of DA (Direct Attack), Chisato Nishikigi, who is also a clerk at the cafe "Ricoriko", has a long relationship with each other.

Regarding the reason for quitting DA, he said, "I'm sick of the disgusting organization that collects orphans and makes killers like Licorice."

A free man who enjoys his life to the fullest, he often laments his own inability to find a mate.

In an interview with the staff, imigimuru, who was in charge of character design for the work, revealed how mizuki was created, saying, "Let's play with the facial expressions of a disappointing older sister character."

He says he was thinking of breaking it down.


Mizuki Nakahara's ability

As a former DA intelligence officer, his ability behind the scenes is extremely excellent.

He drives the company car of the café "Ricorico" and is mainly entrusted with supporting missions in the field, such as tracking targets and transporting and recovering working units.

In episode 2, he wears a costume and acts as a "fake walnut", and although he is shot by the enemy, he survives with a bulletproof vest.

In episode 5, he shows the activity of attaching a transmitter to an assassin.


What Mizuki Nakahara Wants

Mizuki Nakahara is in a hurry to get married, so in the story she is depicted looking for a man.

In the middle of the story, he knew mika's favorite membership bar and was about to meet a rich man.

She is portrayed as a pitiful female character, but because she is beautiful and has a good style, she may be getting married soon.

Since Kurumi became a clerk at Cafe Rico Rico, she has been portrayed as a sister to Mizuki Nakahara.