Kimetsu no Yaiba

【Kimetsu no Yaiba】Shinobu Kochō's past

Shinobu Kochō's Sad Past and Older Sister

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Shinobu Kochō and kanae Kochō had their families killed by demons when they were young, and only they were saved by Gyomei Himejima in the nick of time.

Shinobu and kanae became swordsmen, but the older sister, kanae, lost her life in a fight with a demon called "douma."

17 year old kanaeJust before she died, she left shinobu with the words, "I want you to quit being a swordsman and live a long life as an ordinary girl."

However, Shinobu Never quits swordsmanship, and eventually develops "demon-killing poison" and becomes a hashira like her sister.


Shinobu Kochō's personality then and now

Before his older sister kanae died, shinobu had a manly personality.

However, since kanae told her that she likes smiling, she has always had a smile on her face since kanae passed away.

As a result, Shinobu gives the impression of a kind woman with a lovely smile, but in her heart, she harbors strong anger towards "douma, who killed kanae."

Tanjiro Kamado is aware of the anger in Shinobu's heart, and Shinobu is speaking his anger to others for the first time.


Why Shinobu Kochō Became a Swordsman

After encasing the corpses of their parents, who were sent to relatives by kakushi and were only slightly damaged thanks to Himejima, shinobu and kanae learn from kakushi the name and residence of their lifesaver, and rush to become swordsmen. I started helping with housework.

After that, Shinobu and Kanae, who overcame the ordeal, were recognized by Himejima and were sent to another sodate, and when Shinobu and Kanae met again at the final selection, they were able to become swordsmen.

Shinobu is a weak swordsman who can't cut off the head of demons, but he is a genius who developed "demon-killing poison", and his achievement is recognized as "hashira".

He is popular as a "beautiful swordsman" among Japanese manga and anime fans.