World Trigger

【World Trigger】Yuu Kunichika Profile and Abilities

Profile and personality of Yuu Kunichika / 国近柚宇

Yuu Kunichika is the operator of "Class A: Tachikawa Squad" and a third year high school student.

Known for being the number one game lover in Borderlands, he spends most of his daily life playing games.

In addition, Tachikawa Squad's squad room has a large number of game machines she brought in and a nap room dedicated to her.

He has a calm and gentle personality and is very popular among Japanese readers and viewers.

At the beginning of the story, the operator had the best style, but the same operator "Fujimaru Nono" seems to have a better style.

Since my mother is from Hokkaido, Japan, I know that my family will send me delicious food from Hokkaido.


Yuu Kunichika's ability

Yuu Kunichika is a highly skilled operator, especially skilled at operating machines.

It seems that he enjoys fighting like a game because he is the character who likes games the most in Boarder.

Her grades in high school weren't very good, and she's been called a "stupid girl".


Members of the Tachikawa Squad

Kei Tachikawa / 太刀川慶

Kei Tachikawa is the captain of the Tachikawa Squad.

As he ranks first in the personal rank of attackers, he boasts the strength of the strongest class among borders.

He grows a beard because he thinks he looks smarter with a beard, and he has a rivalry with "Yūichi Jin".


Kōhei Izumi  / 出水公平

Kōhei Izumi is a shooter for Tachikawa Squad and a 17-year-old high school student.

He possesses a huge amount of "Trions" for using Border weapons, and specializes in cornering enemies with overwhelming bombardments.

He usually has a bright and light-hearted personality, but he shows a cautious demeanor in battle.


Takeru Yuiga / 唯我尊

Takeru Yuiga is a gunner for the Tachikawa Squad and a 16 year old high school student.

Actually, his ability is lower than B-class, but he became a member of Tachikawa Squad through his parents' connections.

He is hated by the female members because he always shows a big attitude.