World Trigger

【World Trigger】Risa Maki Profile and Abilities

Profile and personality of Risa Maki / 真木理佐

Risa Maki is the operator of "Fuyushima Squad" and a high school student.

Among the operators of his age, he has a mature personality, and is depicted as a harsh reprimand to the Border members.

Risa Maki was angry because the upper management did not convey the contents of the exam during the selection exam.

Because of her personality, Risa Maki seems to be considered "scary" by other members.


Ability of Risa Maki

Risa Maki is a clever operator who reprimands "Isami Tōma" for her idle life and joins her squad.

In the selection test, members with high abilities are evaluated, but they also evaluated members who excelled in one trick.

The Fuyushima Squad has 2 members and ranks 2nd in Class A, so you can see that Risa Maki has a high command ability.

Risa Maki is considered intimidating by male members, but seems to be popular with female members.


Members of the Fuyushima Squad

Shinji Fuyushima / 冬島慎次

Shinji Fuyushima is the captain of the "Fuyushima Squad" and a "special operative".

Originally an engineer, he was scouted by Risa Maki and became a captain.

Responsible for assisting Isami Tōma in battle.


Isami Tōma / 当真勇

Isami Tōma is the sniper of the "Fuyushima Squad" and is a high school student who usually attends high school.

The sniper's personal rank is 1st, and Risa Maki scouted him when he was living an idle life without making a squad.

Because he is good at taking care of his juniors, he is in the position of a mentor to fellow sniper Chika Amatori.

Isami Tōma proves to be a pretty good sniper, as he is the only one attacking in the Fuyushima Squad.